Hunter Gather is a jazz/rock/americana band filtered through a cathartic and experiment lens, drawing on influences from jazz, Appalachian banjo music, ambient music, French Renaissance music, and post-rock. Dueling electric guitars weave and intertwine with a singing tenor saxophone, padded by undulating drums. 


Hunter Gather sometimes sounds like a jazz quartet. Sometimes they sound like a rock band. But under the surface of these two traditions, there is a deeper interrogation of an eclectic mix of historical music - French Renaissance music, Appalachian banjo music, Steve Reich's minimalism, and gospel hymns. These seemingly disparate influences are woven together into a unique and vivid musical vocabulary, bound by emotional immediacy and vulnerability. The songs are about exploring childhood homes out of which you've long since moved. And about the Joanna Newsom song where she sings "why the long face?" and it makes you happy and very sad at the same time. And about singing and yell-singing. And about making noise and sound with our bodies. And about the phrase "dancing in your head" which Ornette Coleman named one of his albums. And about America, sort of. And about the wordless nod between friends. The dueling electric guitars of Ronan Delisle and Alex Oliverio weave and intertwine, Levi Gillis sings through the tenor saxophone, and Evan Woodle's undulating, cinematic percussion lays the sonic foundation.